Hate has found a home

Bigoted Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

Newton, MA

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller signed a zoning amendment passed by the City Council (23-to-1) that strictly controls and limits gun stores in Newton.

An additional amendment, to be voted on in the near future, will amend the zoning ordinance further to completely ban gun businesses in Newton.

These amendments smack of bigotry and civil rights violations. Why ban gun shops? Are they afraid criminals will shop there? Or it will somehow increase the trafficking of firearms? Does somebody really think that, if a town does not have a gun store, then crime will go down or it will be safer in that town? Of course not, this is all laughable.

To be averse to the opening of a gun store betrays one’s bigoted hysteria. People who supported this amendment are bigots – plain and simple.

Gun shop clientele are some of the most safety conscious and law abiding members of society. The fear mongering spread about gun shops is where the bigotry is revealed. This clientele holds different beliefs than some people yet the only difference is that they are merely trying to exercise a fundamental civil right – and some people do not like it – so they are pushed out of town (with a amendments like this) disallowing gun shops. Bigotry.

It is a fundamental civil right to own, buy, and sell a firearm.


To send any comments to all of the bigoted City Councilors please use the e-mail citycouncil@newtonma.gov. Your e-mail will be delivered to each of the 24 Councilors.

View Individual bigot contact information.

Ward Ward Councilor Councilor at Large Councilor at Large
One Bigot Maria Scibelli Greenberg
Maria Scibelli Greenberg
(617) 631-8691
Bigot Alison M. Leary
Alison M. Leary
(617) 821-5619
John Oliver
No Picture Available
Two Bigot Emily Norton
Emily Norton
(617) 795-0362

Tarik J. Lucas
No Picture Available
Bigot Susan Albright
Susan Albright
(617) 527-7108
Three Bigot Julia Malakie
Julia Malakie
(617) 610-2509
Bigot Andrea W. Kelley
Andrea W. Kelley
(857) 297-2177
Bigot Pamela A. Wright
Pamela A. Wright
Four Bigot Christopher J. Markiewicz
Christopher J. Markiewicz
(617) 332-7231
Bigot Leonard J. Gentile
Leonard J. Gentile
(617) 527-5446
Bigot Joshua Krintzman
Joshua Krintzman
(617) 558-0699
Five Bigot Bill Humphrey
Bill Humphrey
(617) 862-2045
Bigot Andreae Downs
Andreae Downs
(617) 329-1261
Bigot Deborah Crossley
Deborah Crossley
(617) 775-1294
Six Bigot Brenda Noel<
Brenda Noel
(617) 620-2721
Bigot Alicia Bowman
Alicia Bowman
(617) 257-8270
Bigot Victoria L. Danberg
Victoria L. Danberg
(508) 641-4500
R. Lisle Baker
(617) 566-3848
No Picture Available
Bigot Marc C. Laredo
Marc C. Laredo
(617) 527-9889
Bigot Rebecca Walker Grossman
Rebecca W. Grossman
(617) 467-5195
Eight Bigot Holly Ryan
"Nothing is the right location (for gun shops) ."
Holly Ryan
(617) 244-1133
Bigot Richard A. Lipoff
Richard A. Lipof
(617) 332-8909 ext. 24
Bigot David A. Kalis
David A. Kalis
(617) 504-3301


The Wellesley planning board is actually entertaining / hearing this proposed amendment below and not dismissing it outright, as they should, because of its bigotry and civil rights violations.

The proposed amendment is to add a new section 16.I that no new building or structure shall be constructed or used, in whole or in part, and no building or structure, or part thereof, shall be altered, enlarged, reconstructed or used, and no land shall be used, in any part of the Town: “For the manufacture, sale, or lease of any Weapon, Machine Gun, Ammunition, Bump Stock, Large Capacity Feeding Device, Stun Gun, or Trigger Crank, or by any person engaged in the business of a Gunsmith inany zoning district.”

—Wellesley Planning Board


Wellesley is a town that highly values diversity, dignity and respect for all individuals. As the Chief Executive of the Town, the Select Board recognizes its responsibility to make the following declarations:

The Board opposes unequivocally any expression of hate, prejudice, intolerance or discrimination toward any individual or group;

The Board is committed to engaging the Town on race, equity and inclusion through broad and collaborative public engagement; and

The Board denounces any form of racism, discrimination or intolerance as a threat to the safety and well-being of the public. We call upon the entire Wellesley community to welcome every resident, visitor, employee and resident student in the Town.

—Wellesley Select Board, Statement on Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias


Name Title Term
Catherine Johnson
Catherine Johnson 
Chair 2017 to 2022
Kathleen Woodward
Kathleen Woodward
Vice Chair 2018 to 2021
Patricia Mallett Secretary 2019 to 2024
Thomas Taylor   2020 to 2025
James Roberti   2018 to 2023
Sheila Olson Associate Member Until June 2021